Safety Policy & Project Planning

Our Safety Policy
In addition to external regulatory requirements, J.K.Tech-Mech Pvt. Ltd. has established certain safety and health fundamental requirements to provide uniform Safety and health standards.
We put Safety First on all of our projects. We believe that we can prevent accidental injuries, occupational illnesses, and property damage through proper training, planning and Compliance with our safety program. We believe that each employee has the personal responsibility to themselves, their family, and their co-workers to work in a manner to Prevent accidents that cause personal injury or property damage.
We encourage our teams to use safety helmets, gloves, shoes, belts Depending on the nature of work. All hot works such as welding and brazing are not allowed without fire extinguishers, Gloves and cover for Eyes. First aid techniques are taught to team leaders and all sites carry First aid boxes. Without the following safety principles, we would not be able to achieve the level of performance on our projects.
Project Planning
This is the phase that designs the implementation process. It is in this phase that the details of how to go about the implementation are decided. Time schedules, deadlines, etc. for the project are arrived at. The project plan is developed. Roles are identified and responsibilities are assigned. The organizational resources that will be used for the implementation are decided and the Team members who are supposed to head the implementation is identified and task allocation is done.
This is the phase which will plan the ‘what to do’ in case of contingencies, how to monitor the progress of implementation, what control measures should be installed and what corrective actions should be taken in case things get out of control. The entire implementation life cycle will be constantly monitored and reviewed till satisfactory completion by the management directly.
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